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Add-Ons in Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees and Allowances- 2020

Delivering the most budgeted and base ticket pricing, Allegiant airlines is one of the most renowned low cost air carrier amongst all the airlines present in the aeronautic industry, ruling the skies of United States.

By having the most straight forward and easy to understand policies, Allegiant airlines aim to engage most of the population and broaden its customer base.

It is important for any air flyer to have a detailed knowledge about the restrictions, imposed by Allegiant airlines on the baggage allowances and the overcharge fee, that you might require to pay. It is essential to have a proper detail relating to the prohibited items and the oversize baggage fees for the same.

We have assembled some important chunks of information of Allegiant baggage policy in order to give you a brief account of related information.

Essential Points To Note:Allegiant airlines baggage fees and allowance:

  • Allegiant airlines do not offer any free bags and luggage with your bookings. Henceforth, the price of your ticket might tend to increase if you opt for adding bags to your reservation.
  • Keeping the base fare low, for the ease of traveling and offer affordable journeying, Allegiant airlines have quite strict restrictions on your baggage.
  • You are eligible to bring in some small personal item on board, for which the fares will already be added to your base fare.
  • You can bring a small backpack as a personal item, but the Allegiant carry on dimensions should be within the recommended allowance.
  • The people serving as an active part in the United States Military are eligible to bring in free checked and carry ons with them while traveling via Allegiant airlines.

Allegiant air is one of the American’s most renowned airline, that avails discounted airfares and operates both the scheduled along with the charter flights. To travel with such an airline, that offers the most commendable services to one and all, it becomes important for the passengers to have a detailed knowledge relating to Allegiant air baggage policy and Allegiant air carry on rules.

Avail a brief account of information relating to Allegiant air carry on rules:

  • The passenger will have to incur the fee applicable to bring a carryon baggage on Allegiant airlines.
  • Passenger flying via Allegiant airlines is only eligible to bring in a small personal item such as briefcase, purse (fares included in the base fares of the ticket)
  •  The max of dimensions of a personal item shall not exceed 7 x 15 x 16 inches, which should easily fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Passengers exceeding the recommended Allegiant air bag sizes, a charge of $50-$75 shall be accused for the same.
  •  Passengers are allowed to bring in their (larger) bags and luggage on board, by paying a paradigm carry on fee applied on the booking. 
  •  Passenger traveling, is only allowed to bring in one carry on which is to be purchased from the airline. 
  •  Passengers carrying either a garment bag or a roll-aboard shall be of a size which can easily be fit in the overhead bin.
  • Passengers can also make use of the sizer boxes to fit in the carry-on baggage present at the airports to see that it does not exceed the recommended dimensions.
  •  The maximum dimension of the carry-on bag of Allegiant Airlines should be 9 x 14 x 22 inches. The dimension shall be calculated encompassing the weight of the wheels, handles, pockets and decorations on the bags.
  •  Portable electronics (smart phones, tablets, electronic cigarettes, calculators) shall be carried only in your carry on or personal baggage.
  •  As per the Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020, you are now eligible to bring in a diaper bag for free along with your personal item. 

 In case, if you are traveling with bulkhead seats, you would probably need to store your carry-on bags in the overhead compartment of your assigned seat as these kind of seats, do not offer the option to store your stuff under the front seats.

What will be the carry on overcharge fee for extra baggage?

What shall be a basic overcharge that Allegiant airline charges for extra baggage?

Considering the fact that, the customers and passengers of Allegiant airline are not allowed to bring in any carry-on bags for free, whereas it could be possible by paying some extra wee for the same:

  • The overcharge fee of the baggage depends upon the route you are flying.
  • You can expect to pay up to $18-$30 for one carryon bag, while reserving the tickets online.
  •  In any due case you plan to add a carry on bag prior to the departure time, you would have to incur an overcharge fee ranging from $45-$50. 
  • You may also choose to opt for an option of checking in at the gate by paying $75 and taking your carryon bag on board. 

If the bag you are carrying is not under Allegiant baggage weight you would charged an extra amount of $50-$75.

Let us know about the Allegiant checked bag weight allowances:

  •  You are eligible to carry weight up to 40 kg’s to the max, in every checked in bag.

 The maximum dimension of 80 inches is allowed on the plane as Allegiant checked bag size.

  •  The maximum weight of the checked bag could be 99lbs whereas, all your baggage must be accompanied by a passenger on the flight.
  •  Devices like scooters or wheelchairs can be checked in without paying any additional charges, and this could be done at the ticket counter or at the date. 
  •  Keeping in mind the Allegiant airlines Baggage fees and policy 2020, The battery of the wheelchair shall be removed.
  •  E-cigarettes or any smoking devices can be carried in your Allegiant airlines checked baggage, but they shall not be in use or be charged within the premises of the flight.

You can look for some more batteries and devices which you could carry on board via Allegiant airlines website. 

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What shall be the amount payable to Allegiant airlines for extra checked in baggage?

  • You can expect paying up to $41 to $81 only if the bag is checked in at the time of booking.
  •  An amount of $45 shall be paid, if the bag is checked prior the departure time.
  • Checking the bags at the airport itself would charge you to pay around $50.

All you need to know about the overweight and oversize fee of Allegiant airlines:

  • You will have to incur an overcharge fee of $50, in case the bag exceeds the limit of 40-70 pounds which is the standard Allegiant airlines baggage allowance.
  • In respect to your luggage being overweight and lying between 71 to 100lb, then you shall have to pay an amount of $75.
  • As per Allegiant air checked bag weight, an overcharge fee of $75 shall be accused if the luggage exceeds the recommended size limitations.

Is there any way to pre pay for Allegiant airlines Baggage?

Yes, with the aid of technologies you can easily pre pay for the Allegiant airlines baggage, which is now easier with the invention of Allegiant airlines website and Allegiant airlines mobile application.

Passengers can now, easily pay by logging in, into the Allegiant air website and selecting “manage travel”

And adding the baggage and payment method, enjoy the trouble free experience of traveling.

You can also easily download the Allegiant airlines mobile application and log in to view your bookings.

By adding the baggage and pre-pay payment method, you can successfully make the payment.

What could be the possible way of saving on Allegiant airlines baggage fees?

You can easily save while reserving your tickets and manage to save a good amount of wee with Allegiant airlines flight baggage. 

You can easily pay the baggage fee and save a hefty amount. Henceforth, stay ahead of time and save a great amount while saving on your baggage fee.

What are Allegiant airlines Bundles? What are all the benefits encompassed with the Bundles?

Talking about Allegiant airlines bundles, theses are nothing but packages of some of the renowned services and facilities offered to the customers of Allegiant airlines.

Coming at a discount, these bundles are made in a way to save your time and money all together.

By making the use of these bundles, you will be able to save up to $114!!!

  •  If you wish to upgrade your seats, you will require paying the difference in the amount at the time of checking out.
  • You can only purchase a bundle while making a reservation whereas, the option to change the bundle shall not be available after booking the reservation.
  •  These bundles come in a non refundable form, and you will require paying an extra amount/ additional fee in case you decide to change your travel date or time.
  • You are eligible to add additional bags and upgrade your seat to a bundle.
  • Items already included in the bundle cannot be added, declined, changed either.

It is essential for any air flyer to go by the norms of the airline and save yourself from paying the overcharges of the luggage. In case you are still doubtful regarding the ticket reservations, cancellation or refund, you are free to engage with us via (+180-201-4791) and our experts could help you find a great deal, suiting your pocket size.

We are here to help you even in the oddest hours of the day! 

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is a backpack considered a personal item for Allegiant airlines?

Yes, if the backpack is not exceeding the entitled recommended dimensions, it will be considered as a personal item, which comes in free of cost.

  • What is the fee for Allegiant airlines baggage? 

Depending upon the time and the place you purchase it, adding 1-4 bags will cost you to pay approximately around $18 to $41, each depending upon the route you are traveling to.

* $45 is the amount payable per piece, if the amount is paid for the baggage at the time of booking or departing. 

* $50 is the amount payable per piece, if the amount is paid for the baggage at the airport. 

  •  What is Allegiant air extra baggage overcharge fee?

In case you wish to carry one more baggage with your personal item then, the excess baggage fee shall be applied.

The basic baggage allowance is up to18kg (40lbs) and if your bag weighs between 18-32kg (40-70lbs) then you will incur a fee of $50. If your bag weighs between 32-45.4kg (71-100lb) then you will incur a fee of $75. If your bag exceeds max linear dimensions of 80” (203cm) then you be charged $75.

  •  Can rollaboard suitcase be bought as a carry-on bag? 

Yes, you may bring a small suitcase as your carryon bag within the size limitations of the Allegiant air baggage weight (a fee shall be applicable for the same)

  • Can my bundle be canceled?

No, we are sorry but the bundles are nonrefundable. Change in travel dates or destination shall result in additional charge for one or more items in the bundle.

  • Can additional bags be purchased while If get a bundle?

Yes, you may add bags, later or while the booking process. For which, additional baggage fees shall be applied. For more such queries and concerns, you can get in touch with us via (+1800-201-4791)

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