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Delta Airlines Pet Policy

An Introduction to Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta airlines welcomes your beloved pets the same way it does to its worthy customers and passengers.


Delta Airlines allows small dogs, cats and household birds in the cabin at a price of the one-way fee, collected at the time of checking in.

The pets you wish to bring along shall be able to fit in a ventilated pet carrier which is of the size, being able to fit under the seat in front of you.

Your pet is entitled to be counted as one of your carry on item. Along with which you are eligible to bring one personal item on the aircraft.

Let us have a look at the fees structure which may apply differing from destination to destination:




NOTE: Household birds are permitted on all the domestic U.S flights excluding Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Delta Pet Cargo:

In case your pet is not able to fit within the Delta airlines pet carry on policy, the only way, therefore, to carry your pet along is the Delta pet cargo.

Delta airlines assures the safety of your pet, for which there are certain temperature restrictions, which implies that your pet will not be able to get shipped in case of extreme temperatures.

Some nuggets of information:

  • The reservations for Delta Pet Cargo cannot be made more than 14 days before the date of departure, whereas it is not sure if the pet will be shipped on the same flight as of their owners.
  • The pet needs to be dropped off at the location of Delta Cargo 3 hours prior to the departure of flight at the latest. 
  • The pet will have to be picked up only from the Delta Cargo Location and not from any other Delta run areas.

Delta Rules for Pet Transportation

  • The maximum carry on dimensions are determined by the airline you are flying with. 
  • The kennel shall be waterproof, escape-proof and rigid with solid top. 
  • It is required to have a proper vents on at least 3 of its sides domestically while 4 in case of the international flights. 
  • The kennel must be large enough for your pet to move freely whereas it should include food and water clipped inside along with an absorbent material on the surface.

Delta Pet Traveling Policy:

Pets allowed:
While traveling within the United States (excluding Hawaii), you are eligible to bring small cats, dogs and household birds. But the pets are not allowed in the First class, business class or any other Elite classes of the international flights.

Age Requirements:

Pet is required to be at least 10 weeks old to travel within the United States, in case you are traveling to the United States, your pet is entitled to be at least 16 weeks old.

Pet check-in:

Pet will be considered as a piece of your carry-on luggage whereas a fee will be procured at the time of your check in.

Cost of traveling with pets:

•  $125 USD (United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands) 

• $200 USD International

•  $75 USD Brazil

Delta Pet Shipments Policy:

You do not have to worry if your pet is not able to fit under the seat in front of you, with the special services and introduction of Delta Cargo your pet remains safe and secured.

But before booking, here is some information you shall know: 

  • Along with the flight itinerary, a separate booking is required, for which additional charges may be applied.
  • Domestic shipment of the pet via Delta Cargo shall not be booked 14 days before the date of departure.
  • Pets are not entitled to be shipped via the same flight or the same flight schedule as same as of the owners.
  • You are required to drop your pet at the Delta Cargo location at least 3 hours before time at a location separate from the passengers check in. Whereas, to be picked up from the same. 

Delta Airlines Pet Reservation:

Delta airlines restrict a number of pets per flight. 

Delta allows, two pets to travel in first class, two pets in the business class whereas four in the main cabin.

You may hit a call on the delta airlines tollfree number to book a reservation for your Fido.


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