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Avoid Flight Change and Cancellation Fee

Best Airline to Avoid Flight Change and Cancellation Fee?

Are you fed up of being slapped with heavy cancellation and change in flight which eventually causes you to cancel all your plans?

Talking about the flight change fee, it is necessary to do a research before you fly for ensuring and analyzing that you choose the best airlines for a the flight cancellation and change flight, in case you wish to do so.At the same time it is important to check the flight analytics and statistics to avail useful information.  

Coming onto “which is the best airline to avoid the change flight fee” 

The best airline in the case of easy cancellation and change flight without paying any extra wee is the Southwest airlines.

Southwest airlines has one of the most pliable cancellation and change flight policies, compared to any other major airline in the whole aviation industry.

We all for sure sometime must have dealt with the frustration of last minute change in plan that led to navigate the cancellation charges and change flight fees, which at times is just equivalent to the price of ticket itself.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policies:

The Southwest airlines cancellation policy solely depends upon the type of fare, you originally booked the ticket for.

The different types of Southwest airlines fares are mentioned below: 

•  Business Select (REFUNDABLE FARES) 


• Senior Fares 


Business Select :

The business select class is the most expensive amongst the one Southwest airlines offers, which comes with numerous perks as well. The fares in this class are fully refundable whereas the perks include:

•  Ensured and secured A-1to A-15 boarding

•  Rapid Rewards for each dollar spent

•  Free premium drink 

•  fly by lane access.  

In any due case you fail to cancel your Business class ticket before ten minutes from the flying time of the airline, and then your ticket charges will automatically get converted into the southwest travel funds as reusable travel funds under the name the name of the traveler.

Anytime Fares:

Just like Business select class, anytime fares are also refundable. They have the same policies as the business select class does, which implies that if you fail to cancel your booking at least 10 minutes prior to the departure time, then your ticket fare will be converted to the travel funds.

Wanna Get Away:

These are the non-refundable fares. 

But if you cancel them, you can easily get a credit applied towards your future trip via Southwest airlines for the originally ticketed passenger itself.

Which means, you are not eligible to cancel the ticket and use the travel funds for the new passenger.

 Make Sure to Cancel Your Flight 10 Minutes Before the Time of Flying Else You Might Loose All of Your Funds

In case you are left with any doubts, you may place a call on your toll free number (+1800-201-4791) where our team of pros is there to help and assist you 24/7.

Southwest Airlines Refund Policies:

Southwest airlines offer a full refund to its customers within the time of 24 hours of purchase. As and when the 24 hours refunding period expires, the price of the non-refundable ticket gets applied to the future ticket within the period of one year from the date of purchase.

Since the Southwest airlines offers a free change in ticket policy, you are eligible to get a full refund of the price you paid for your ticket, applied to your next flight/trip.

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