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Detailed Understanding of United Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy

Being the third largest airline amongst all the airlines present in the aviation industry. You must surely be quite anxious to know about all the upgrades and alterations made in the united airlines baggage policy. 

Talking about the baggage policies, United airlines follow a set of easily understandable and straightforward policies. What we can assure you is, as and when you will be done reading this blog, you will be able to procure a detailed knowledge relating to the weight of baggage allowed, dimensions and the various policies along with the restrictions for carry on and check bags. 

Major aspects relating to united airlines luggage policy

  • You will be eligible to carry united airlines personal item only in case of certain ticket type, without having to pay any extra overcharges.
  • Depending upon the size of the luggage and weight shall the charges of the baggage may alter.
  • All the MileagePlus Premier members shall be allowed a different united airlines baggage allowance.
  • All the passengers of United airlines Economy class shall follow the restriction of maximum baggage allowance for each leg of their journey.
  • All the passengers and their dependents serving the U.S military shall be given exclusive baggage allowance. 

What are the items allowed to carry in United Airlines carry on Bags?

  •  You will not be allowed to carry any lithium batteries in either your carry on luggage or in checked in baggage. In any case you are planning to carry a smart bag with non-removable battery, then you must know that you shall have to face the disappointment of not being eligible of carrying it.
  • Make sure than you follow the dimensions of the baggage allowance so that your bag is able to under the seat in front of you or the bin above you.
  •   Some of the passengers shall undergo a certain limitations of the carry-on bags where they only allowed to bring one carry on bag as well as one personal item without any charge. However, some exceptions are always present.
  • The basic allowance of a carryon bag shall not exceed the limit of 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches, wherein which the weight of the wheels and handles shall me measured.
  •  Make sure that the personal item you are planning to carry on board shall be of the maximum dimensions of 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches and not more than that.

( items such as: umbrella, jacket, pet carrier, breast pump, reading material, food or any merchandised product purchased at the airport shall be allowed on board as per the United airlines baggage policy 2020!)

  •  For the ease of the passengers United airlines have places sizers at the airports, where you may try to fit your carryon bag and check that it should exceed the mentioned dimensions. 
  •  If you traveling via United airlines Economy class ticket , you will only be allowed to bring one personal item and no carry-on bags in flight.

If you are still willing to bring in a full sized carry on bag, you shall then have to bear the overcharge allowance which is of $25.

  •  If you wish to carry any musical instruments like a guitar, saxophone, sitar, harp, you may bring them as a carry on item by getting it covered with a hard case.

(if the instrument you are carrying shall be considered as a personal item, if it can be fit under the seat in front of you. Whereas, it shall be considered as a carry on bag if placed in the bin above your seat.)

  • If you are carrying a stroller it shall be checked either at the counter or at the gate.

What are the items allowed to carry in United Airlines checked in Bags?

  •  The maximum dimensions, allowed to carry on board as checked in baggage is 62 inches which includes the weight of bag’s handle and wheels.
  • While traveling on an economy ticket the maximum baggage allowance shall be 50 lbs for which the limit shall not exceed.
  • For all the united polaris first class travelers, the baggage allowance shall be 70 lbs per bag. The same limit shall also be entitled for all the MileagePlus subscribers (gold, silver, platinum, 1k status).
  •  You will be eligible to carry two bags with paying any fee. 

(except for the economy class passengers) 

  • For the passengers traveling via U.S domestic flights, the cost of one bag will be $30 whereas the second bag shall cost you $40. In case of bringing any additional bags,you will require to pay a charge which shall be of $150 per bag.
  • For the passengers traveling via U.S international flights, you will be allowed one checked bag for free whereas the second one costing a charge of $100.

 The pricing shall vary for the economy class travelers which will be $60 for the first bag and $100 for the second bag. 

  •  It is recommended to keep the claim checks carefully which you get after getting the bags checked by treating them like receipts.
  • If you belong to any military personnel or their dependents, you will be eligible to carry 3 carry on bags and 5 personal bags without paying any fee irrespective of it being a business trip or a personal one.

What shall be United airlines overcharge fee for overweight/oversize baggage?

  • The amount chargeable solely depends upon the route you are traveling to or by and the exceeding weight of the bag.
  •  Luggage weighing up to 71 to 100 lbs shall be charged $200-$400 and for the bags weighing up to 51-70 lbs shall incur a charge of $100-$200.
  •  The over weight/over-sized bags charges for United airlines shall be $200-$400.
  •  There are three types of different charges which are overweight baggage fee, oversize baggage fee and extra baggage allowance fee.
  •  You will not be eligible to carry any luggage exceeding the limit of 115 inches or weighing more than 100 pounds, irrespective of the class you are traveling in.
  • While in the case of you carrying any musical instrument, the weight of the same shall not exceed 165 pounds. 

Note:If you see any empty seat in other regions of the aircraft, United airlines shall allow you to carry the instrument for free!

  • You are also eligible to carry the sports equipments if they are packed in a way following the size restrictions and keeping in mind the baggage allowances. It could be a possibility that a service charge may apply, in that due case it is recommended that you ask at the counter and pay off the additional charges.

Can the amount for baggage be pre paid in United airlines?

With the advancement of technologies and pacing up of the advancements, you can easily pre pay for the baggage in United airlines by making an online transaction. You may also check in 24 hours prior the scheduled departing time of the flight via United airlines mobile application and pre pay for the bags.

The task can be simplified by visiting the United airlines website, clicking on the check – in tab and logging in to view the itinerary, while making the payment thereby.


  • Can the payment for the baggage be done at the time of checking-in online?

While checking in via united airlines reservations and United airlines app, you will be immediately charged for the respected number of the bags you wish to take along at the time you check in for the flight online. However, you will be allowed to change the number of the bags at the airport, alas! The charges/amount paid online shall not be refunded.

  • I forgot one of my personal item in the flight or at the airport, not exactly sure where, what shall be done for the same? 

Fret not! United airlines make every ounce of effort to help you find your stuff back. You can easily get in touch with one of our dedicated representative who will thereby assist you find your lost item.

  • Am I eligible to avail a refund for the flight I did not travel on? 

Yes, you are only eligible to request a refund if you did not miss the flight voluntarily. You may easily request a refund via email or phone.

You shall surely be wondering about clearing all the other concerns and doubts clogging up your brains, and for clearing all those queries United airlines customer service number is made for!

United airlines encompass a simple and easily understandable Baggage and fees policy. Owing to the editions made in the United airlines baggage fees and united airlines baggage weight, it is one of the most preferred airline flying in the skies of the United States. 

Along with being the leading airline, United airlines has an extensive of connecting all the major parts of the globe. We have personnel of experts who are much dedicated in offering you the best prices and most affordable airfares at the most discounted rates.

You can easily get in touch with us via the toll free number (+1800-201-4791), specially made to help and guide all the customers and passengers of United airlines.

We strive to be the reason of your smile and make the journeying worthwhile!

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