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Skiplagging Flight Travel Trick 2020

Fly Cheaper With Skiplagging Flight Travel Trick

A sneaky travel trick was right under your nose but you may not even know if it even exists, which could help you save quite a big chunk of money on airfares.

Whereas the airlines are doing everything they can to stamp it out for once and for all. 

Prices tend to be higher if you are traveling to a price sensitive market or business hubs, you must have surely heard of a common term known as skiplagging used as a travel trick to avail cheaper airfares. There could be some destination which might consume more miles but the prices can be lowered with skiplagged flights travel trick. Some of the other names by which skiplagged tickets are famous are:

•  Throwaway ticketing

•  Hidden city ticketing 

• Point beyond booking 

What skiplaggers do is, they get down at a layover destination and skip a leg of destination thereby. Alas! If the passengers would not practice skiplagging, the airlines company would earn more on direct flight tickets for the same destination.

What exactly is skiplagging? Why can it be used to avail cheaper airfare?

For instance, you are planning to travel from Boston to Houston, and the flight fares for Houston’s direct ticket are very high. You, as a passenger can manipulate the system by easily booking a connecting flight, which starts from Boston to Las Vegas but has a stop at Houston.

This is exactly what the frequent flyers do to avail cheap tickets when the flight tickets cost more for direct flights to desired destination, they book a flight and get down at Houston and skip the last leg of the trip by exiting the airport. By taking the advantage of skiplagging as a travel hack to avail cheaper airfares, the passenger paid a lesser amount compared to the price he would have paid for booking a direct flight.

What are the benefits of skiplagging?

  • Skiplagging offers cheap flight tickets when you have no certain destination in mind
  • Skiplagging unearths hidden flight fares if you end your journey at the layover city
  • Skiplagging helps you avail flight tickets at a much discounted fares as compared to the direct flight tickets to desired destinations.

How does skiplagging proves inconvenient for the airlines?

Airlines do not like the passengers who Skiplag, for which they are doing every ounce of effort to stamp out this trick of lowering the airfares for once and for all, the inconvenience which the airlines face are:

  • Flight Delays: If a passenger takes advantage of skiplagging by skipping one leg of trip, the aircraft shall keep waiting till the passengers does not arrive being clueless about the whereabouts of the passenger. Thus, it leads to unnecessary delays for the airline.
  • Loss of Revenue: Airline tend to lose quite an amount of revenue as the passenger comparatively pays less money and gets down in the middle of the trip, at a destination of his choice and preference.
  • Baggage concerns: The airline shall have to bear the consequences in case the passenger skiplags a leg of his trip without the completion of his full journey. Monitoring the carryon bags is a matter of concern and makes it tough for the airline to scrutinize if skiplagging is performed or not. Thus, as a matter of fact, airlines have to spend more money in order to deliver the bags back to the passenger/flyer.

Book a skiplagged flight to avail cheaper airfares:

When you are willing to fly to your desired destination and find that the direct ticket to that specified destination is quite expensive than having a stopover at some other destination.

Once you have skipped a leg of your itinerary, the airline shall cancel all the subsequent legs of the same.

Everyone loves discounts, regardless of it being on clothing, bookings or food, but what we yearn the most for, is to avail a discount on expensive flight tickets.

Cherry on the cake about skiplagging is, you can get a business class ticket at a cheaper price as compared to that of an economy class. An easy and simple technique that allows people to save on air tickets for the destinations where the flyer wishes to fly. Skiplaggers are generally the savviest travelers and often the airlines best customers.

To book a flight place a call at skiplagged phone number. 

What are the tips or guidelines to follow while opting for a skiplagged flight?

Skiplagging is also a work of art and requires utmost presence of mind, so make sure you do not get caught while practicing. There are some kinds of unsaid directions which are expected to be followed, whereas if the guidelines are not being followed, the flyer perhaps finds himself in a tight spot. Henceforth, it is wise to stick to them, some of them are:

  • Opt to carry a carry-on bag and avoid checking in bags as you would end up reaching the final destination.
  • Missing a flight is a big no-no
  • Do not disclose it in front of anyone that you are skipping a flight
  • Luggage would not be able to get checked in and shall be forwarded to the final destination. 
  • Skiplagging is not supposed to be practiced for traveling round trip. 
  • Skiplagging is not a liberty, and you shall not abuse it thereby. 
  • Try not to practice skiplagging often as you might end up upsetting the airline. 

Can skiplagging be performed legally?

The airline hates the passengers who try to perform skiplag. However, it is not illegal to skiplag a flight but the airlines tend to flag a right and bar you from availing future services.

Some airlines can also invalidate your air miles or simply withdraw the elite status, if you have subscribed to any frequent flyer program. 

By sharing your name with the airline alliances, airlines can get you banned from flights being served to you by their connecting partners.

To conclude we can say that it is not illegal to skip lag a flight but the airlines are trying to put every bit of effort to stop passengers from skiplagging in order to obtain a cheap airfare.

Skiplagging is one such process where the passengers and frequent flyers can procure amazingly cheap flight fares which often leads to misuse of the liberty offered. Flyers try to find an escape from paying extensive airfares and book a flight with a stopover. But it is highly recommended to you, to be careful while skiplagging a flight as some of the airlines have already warned some of the passengers who tried performing skiplagging.

As by know, the airlines are also much aware of the skiplagging flight travel trick for cheaper airfares.

They have now started to guide the passengers for the next leg of their trip than letting the passengers set free to exit at the layover destination. Some airlines play smart and overbook flights tickets to avoid such scenario. To save a good amount of money and thousands of dollars, passengers use this pro travel technique for International travel to get cheap flight tickets.

All we suggest you is to take calculated risks as the airlines would not like you skiplagging and ripping the revenue off. We are here to help you find cheap flight tickets and hitch you with some of the hot travel and leisure flight deals and offers along with some bombastic discounts to make your travel affordable and better. 

You can rely on our dedicated personnel to help you know all about skiplagging and helping you find cheap flight tickets for the same. You can place a call at skiplagged customer service contact number and feel free to avail all the details relating to

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • How to use skiplagging to find extremely cheap flights?

Skiplagging is a powerful tool which helps you avail flight tickets at a much discounted fares as compared to the direct flight tickets to desired destinations.

You can procure your reservations or know more via placing a call at (+1800-201-4791)

  • Why airlines are cracking down on “skiplagging”

And airlines are doing everything they can to stamp it out once and for all. Airlines do not like passengers skiplagging, whereas some of the potential reasons could be:

• Airlines lose out on revenue as the passenger pays less money and gets down at the destination of his choice.

• If a traveler skips a leg of his trip by misusing skiplagging travel trick for low cost tickets, the flight could keep waiting for the arrival of the passenger for an onward journey.

• Carry-on bags could create difficulty for airlines to monitor if skip lagging is done. If gate-checking of bags at the last destination is required, the luggage is taken all the way to the final destination and airlines shall have to shell out more money to transfer the luggage back to the passenger.

To know more, place a call at skiplagged customer service phone number (+1800-201-4791)

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