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Fuel Dumping Airfare Trick to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

Fuel Dumping Airfare Trick to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

Fuel dumping ticketing strategy is used by experienced travelers to dump the fuel surcharges and to save hundreds of dollars on airfare. It is a travel hack and one of the most complex airline secrets, to avail the lowest prices on flights. It is a black-hat method of buying flight tickets at the cheapest airfares by using loopholes. This is one of those crazy tricks that can get you huge savings! Fuel surcharges are often deemed as a cash grab by airlines. Fuel dump flight search is anyway pretty perplexing. This trick is often guarded as a secret and there is a certain pool of people who do not want to share details on fuel dumping because airlines can quickly quash fuel dumping airfare trick to buy cheap flight tickets.

Fuel Dumping Basics Explained-

Fuel dumping is a complicated ticketing hack used by experienced travelers to save on money and find cheapest flight tickets. This hack involves addition of an extra unused segment to your trip and stripping fuel surcharges from your flight ticket. It is a black-hat side of travel hacking. Forums like FlyerTalk let you talk about fuel dumping in code language so that it becomes hard for common folks to share it. This eliminates chances of the trick getting caught!

How to Use Fuel Dumping Airfare Travel Hack?

Fuel dumping, also called fuel jettison, in actuality, is when an aircraft dumps fuel mid-air before landing, during emergency situations. But, people now use fuel dumping as a term to describe this travel hack. Airline companies price flight tickets by adding fuel charges and taxes to base fare. If you choose tickets with a low base fare and high fuel surcharges and are able to dump these fuel surcharges by the addition of additional segments this can help you save lots of money. The thing is, you might not even make use of these additional segments you added.

Fuel surcharges are very expensive and can make up-to 75% of your total airfare. Dumping these hefty charges can help make your flight affordable. This is a useful secret flying technique used by skilled travelers.

How to Book Flight Tickets Using Fuel Dumping Airfare Trick?

Using this airline ploy is very complicated and beginners can find it very difficult to make such bookings. There are different “combinability” rules and fuel dump city pairs. Carrier imposed surcharges can become lower when you combine two or more tickets depending on these rules. Travelers who frequently use this trick often add a third set of flights to their booking in such a way that it eliminates fuel surcharges. This is called third strike or 3X.

You can add segments before the main flights (1x), in between the main flights (2x), both before and after the main flights (1/4x) and after the main flights (3x). Strikes are the extra flights you add to your itinerary and these are the most common strikes passengers use.

Concisely, you can make a booking using fuel dumping travel hack by knowing the basics of fuel dumping:

  • Finding a Good Candidate Fare:Fares with high fuel surcharges and low base fares are called good candidate fares. You then need to check the minimum stay requirements, number of stops and match other rules to make sure that the fuel surcharge on your selected flight is dumpable. A successful dump can be when end-on-end and side trip combinations are both applicable to your booking.
  • Find a Proper Strike: Adding additional segments can be very confusing and is not for beginners. You need to find a 3X that actually dumps the fuel surcharges. Choosing a strike whose flying duration is of 60 minutes or less and positioning them properly is very important to avoid inconvenience. For example, if you add a 1X strike, you have to travel on that route otherwise the remaining portion of your ticket would be canceled automatically.
  • Finalizing your Booking: After you have made sure of the fare, the combinations and placed your strike appropriately, if the fuel charge has been dumped successfully, you can book your flight online. Calling the reservations desk or telling people about your fuel-dumped ticket can lead to its cancellation. Airlines or customer support executives have an eye for debunking these types of tricks and can cancel your ticket if you call them for any queries regarding such an itinerary.

Performing this action successfully, you can fully or partially eliminate the fuel surcharges on the expensive portion of your International flight ticket booking. Fuel surcharges are donated as YQ or YR on your plane tickets and can even be higher than the base fare. Adding a short flight, if done properly, can help eliminate the high charges and cut down on your expenses.

Consequences of Booking Through Fuel-Dump:

If any airline employee finds out about you having used fuel-dumping technique, your ticket can be canceled or boarding can be denied. You might be allowed if you pay the full airfare. That is why it is suggested to not call the reservations desk or tell anybody about your fuel-dumped ticket. Elite groups hide this secret and talk in codes online to inform each other about flight routes that can successfully be fuel dumped.

Fuel dumping airfare trick can be risky and confusing to understand. If you are not an expert at fuel dumping, it can cause unnecessary tension and frustration. Not everybody is savvy enough to use fuel dumping airfare trick to buy cheap flight tickets. However, you can also get cheap flight tickets by redeeming air miles or by using other deals and offers.

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