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Book Flights When Dates Are Uncertain

How to Book Flights When Dates Are Uncertain?

Are you willing to attend an event you much awaited for, and got an amazing deal online along with cheap air tickets but the dates are still to be announced?

The question which next arises in our minds is “Whether to book a flight ticket now or wait for the magic day to take birth”

Or “shall I buy the tickets now or at the last moment when I am more sure about the dates?”

Let us look at some of the other related loopholes for the same: 

Case number one: Wait and buy the tickets at the “last minute”:Opting for this option may prove to cost you 5 times the amount of the normal ticket as you might be going for the ticket which many have already purchased.

Case number two: Purchase the cheapest non-refundable tickets available at that certain time:

 There can surely be a high possibility that you must have booked the flight tickets and now you have to move your dates. Now, opting for this loophole, you have to pay a “change in flight fee” of $150 that any which way detains the value of booking the ticket early.

Case number three: Buy a refundable ticket:

Costing you approximately twice to thrice the price of cheap tickets and you are eventually back to paying the high travel ticket prices.  

Going or opting for any of the cases above is nothing but simply wastage of time and money!

All you need to do is to assure that even if you buy a cheap flight ticket and change the dates there after, it won’t make a hole in your pocket. 

Let us have a look at couple of options you can opt for:

  • Opt an airline that does not charge change in flight fee: Try opting for an airline for which you will not have to bear the change flight fee and go for an airline charging a nominal fee. Southwest airlines tops the name in the list thought!
  •  Look out for the trip insurances: It’s no harm to book the flights early only if you add a trip insurance to it. The trip insurance usually costs 15-20% of the normal change flight fee that is $150 for the domestic airlines.
  • Use miles: It is the best time to open your treasure box of frequent flier miles, even for the last minute redemption charges, use the last minute “free tickets”
  •  Look for a vacation package: Looking for a vacation package is better as they mostly come with a flight and a hotel!

With some of these options mentioned above, you may not have to bear the change flight fee and other heady charges!

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