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How to Get On an Earlier Flight Delta by Flying Stand By?

Being a frequent flyer is how to get on an earlier flight Delta airlines has to offer. The standby program of Delta airlines is how many travelers adjust the schedules and get on an advance flight to their destination. However, even if you wait to travel stand-by, it is not confirmed that you would get on an early Delta flight as it depends on factors like seat availability. Let’s see how you can get on an earlier Delta flight for flying as per your routine.

How to Board an Early Delta Flight to Your Location?

You might have reached the airport at an earlier hour than needed. Why not avail the stand-by flight option for flying early on Delta airlines and getting last-minute cheap flights for reaching earlier! If you want to know how to get on an earlier flight Delta, signing up for their stand-by list might be a good option.

If you are a Silver Delta medallion member or are simply a registered SkyMiles membership holder, then you can get added to the stand-by list if the flight that you want is little earlier than the ticket you actually booked. This is how to get on an earlier flight Delta offers. Can you get on an earlier Delta flight for free? Yes! If you have an elite status like the Diamond Medallion or Platinum or Gold membership, you can get on a standby Delta plane for any hour on the same day without paying fees.

This standby flight option is not available for those taking an International trip. Placing a request for flying standby can only be placed when same day confirmed travel ticket is not available and you want to make the timing change 24 hours prior to the flight taking off.

How Much Does It Cost to Fly Home Early on Delta?

Can I take an earlier flight on Delta? If you decide to change your flight to an earlier time, 24 hours before the departure of your Delta plane, you can request for same day flight changes by paying $75. This would let you have a seat that is confirmed and would be done on a different Delta flight for the same day. However, if seats are unavailable for flying early on Delta at that point in time, you can always get on their standby list.

You can make same day timing change to your flight ticket if you are traveling within Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and United States. You can even avoid paying the $50 fee by opting to book flexible fares.

SkyMiles membership is how to avoid delta flight change fee for flying early. You must have an elite Diamond, Platinum or Gold membership for this purpose. Even award tickets would allow you to make changes on the same-day at no additional costs.

How Can I Request for Standby Flight Tickets on Delta?

When looking for how to get on an earlier flight Delta, you might know that you need to book a standby flight. But how exactly can you get the standby ticket? Let’s look at the process of booking Delta standby airplane tickets-

  1. When you look online for checking in to your flight ticket, you would also find an option to Change Flight for flying standby on an earlier flight with Delta
  2. Click on that option.
  3. You would be shown an option that would say that your confirmed flight seat would be lost if you have Delta Comfort+ or Preferred seats when trying to reschedule your flight.
  4. On clicking OK, you would be shown the options you would have to changing your flight to an earlier time.
  5. Standby or Confirmed tickets would be available for making same day changes.
  6. You would receive your boarding pass after checking in if you have a confirmed flight ticket after making same-day modifications.
  7. However, boarding pass would not be issued if you are flying standby on a flight ticket that is not confirmed. Delta standby list for seats remaining would be prepared last minute. The waitlist needs to be cleared first and once you are through the Delta wait list, you can take your flight to reach earlier.
  8. You would be called by the agent at the gate in some cases, while you might be shown your information at the display screens near the gates at other airports.

How to Use Co-Terminal Swaps for Flying Early on Delta Air Lines?

Can you get an earlier Delta flight than booked? If are one of the elite members of the airlines, Delta would allow you to fly early by utilizing the co-terminal swap feature. Frequent fliers of Delta can change their flight co terminals for taking off from other same city airports at an earlier hour.

So, if another airport has flights that are taking off to your destination at an earlier time or at an hour that best fits your schedule, you can call the reservations helpdesk and ask for co-terminal swap service. This would solve your issues regarding how to get on an earlier flight with Delta. The airports are adjacent to one another and you can make the most out of your Delta SkyMiles membership for getting on an earlier Delta flight.

For example you can travel from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach Airport (FLL-PBI) if you have an earlier flight that is going to fly from PBI. Placing such a request should be done by calling the reservations helpline of Delta airline.

What If I Want to Fly Earlier but Not Within 24 Hours of Departure?

If you want to make Delta flight changes to an earlier time but it is not within 24 hours of your flight’s departure, then by paying the fare difference for another flight ticket for an earlier time on Delta, you can get your tickets changed. An additional $200 would be charged along with this. This can be a very heavy charge and might even be more than the price of your ticket. So, canceling your flight ticket and booking another one might be a better option in such cases.

These were some tips on how to get on an earlier flight Delta offers. If you are still have queries regarding flight ticket booking, refunds, modifications and cancellation, you can reach out to our customer support executives for getting all your problems solved quickly!

We work tirelessly to hunt down the best deals and discounts for flight tickets. For cheap flight tickets at maximum discounts, you can simply give us a call at anytime of the day. For 24/7 assistance and unmatched flight ticketing services, contact us on +1-800-201-4791 .

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