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Redeem Flight Credit

How to Redeem Flight Credit or Air Miles for a Flight?

Airline miles also widely known as travel points or the frequent flyer miles are the perks or loyalty programs offered by the airlines. Basically, you amass an amount of miles which is based on the amount you spend on your ticket and earn miles thereby, whereas you can simply use the miles to buy more tickets!

In simpler terms, airline miles are more like a reward program, where you get points for buying something and eventually by jarring all the earned points and redeeming airlines points you can get something for free!

How Can I Redeem My Miles?

So now you have purchased tickets, spent wee, earned points and its time to redeem miles for travel!

Let’s go step by step and know how you can redeem your miles:

Step 1: Head towards the airline, you have frequent flyer account in to track your airline miles.

Step 2: Log into the account 

Step 3: Choose the flight, you wish to board

Step 4:Choose the option that allows you to see the fares converted miles instead of dollar!

NOTE: You are required to pay a minor amount $11.20 as a security fee for the round trip or can say $5.60 each way. In case you are falling short with the miles, you will be required to buy a separate flight ticket.

Do I Have to Redeem My Miles All at One Time?

Frequent flyer program has surely changed the lives of many, but a matter of fact here is, collecting miles is easy whereas the hardest part is redeeming air miles for flight.

Well, the answer to the question is that it is not mandatory for you to use all your miles at once. You are free to redeem flying miles in any amount you feel like spending. In any due case your account is closed or is not been in use within 18 months the airline will credit your account with your remaining reward balance.

Are There Limitations to the Number of Miles That I Need in Order to Redeem?

There are no limitations to the number of miles which are required while redeeming flight miles. You can easily redeem your miles by phone at the number on the back of your frequent flyer card.

Best Way to Redeem Airline Miles:

We have got all the best ways to redeem airline miles for all the mileage geeks to tell you some of the best ways of redeeming your airline miles:

  • Book a flight 
  • Shop with miles 
  • Book a car/hotel room reservation 

What’s better than getting a flight for free?

Don’t you yourself feel that its kind of stupid to redeem flight credit on a short and cheap jaunt instead of redeeming them on an international flight as you can.

It is recommended to book your flights early in order to procure the best value of your earned miles!

  • Shop With Miles:

In case your miles are about to get expired and you do not have time to relish a trip, the best and the most effective way to clear the basket of earned miles is to shop!

No one would mind a new pair of Ray Bans at the end!

  •  Book a Car/Hotel Room Reservation:

It is the best policy to use your miles to book a car or a hotel room when you are points-rich and cash-poor!

What’s better than getting a deal or a package while using your miles to book a reservation for hotels or car rentals?

You would now surely be urging to redeem your miles and fly to your desired country, but must surely be having queries that you’d like to have solutions for and to avail those solutions instantly at the soonest, you can get in touch with us via ( +1800-201-4791 )


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