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Fifth Freedom Flights

How to Save Money With Fifth Freedom Flights

Fifth Freedom Flights (FFF) are flights that can operate between two different foreign countries, the condition being that the flight has to terminate or originate from the home country of the carrier. European fifth freedom routes can help you save a lot of money. These flights fly along city-to-city routes between foreign countries. FFF flights are also called add-on flights. The fifth airline freedom lets you catch the cheapest revenue flights and serve International segments. Some air routes offered by Fifth Freedom Airlines are Los Angeles to London (Air New Zealand), New York and Vancouver (Cathay Pacific), LA to Paris (Air Tahiti Nui), New York to Frankfurt (Singapore Airlines). Here’s guide for you to know more about how to save money with fifth freedom flights.

What is Fifth Freedom Right and What Are Fifth Freedom Flights?

Fifth freedom is one of the freedoms of airspace recognized by the International Civil Aviation Association. This is one of those freedoms of the air that lets an airline from one country to provide its services between two separate foreign countries. This makes commercial aviation possible in today’s modern world. Fifth freedom routes allow airlines to carry passengers from its home country to a foreign nation, drop off travelers, pick up new passengers, and fly to a third foreign country.

These flights fly from their home point to foreign destination 1 and then to foreign destination 2. This offers multiple benefits to passengers for a better in-flight experience.

Benefits of Booking Fifth Freedom Flights:

  1. Use Fifth Freedom Flights to See More Places: Fifth Freedom Flights often offer free stopovers! You can thus see more places and make perfect use of your air miles. Redeeming air miles for fifth freedom flight bookings is often one of the most profitable decisions.
  • Cheaper Airfare: You can get better deals and cheaper airfare, if you choose to opt for fifth freedom flights. Since they treat the intermediate destinations as auxiliary ones, you can get a better revenue ticket at cheap rates!
  • Redeem Air Miles: There are many fifth freedom flight routes, where you can redeem your air miles. For example, Cathay Pacific fifth freedom flight from New York to Vancouver would consume only 17,500 Alaska Airlines miles in Economy class and 25000 Alaska Airlines miles in business class.

Similarly, on Emirates Airlines, you can redeem Japan Airlines Mileage Bank miles. Flying from New York to Milan would cost only 60000 JAL mileage bank miles one way in business class and 21,000 miles one way in economy, along Emirates fifth freedom routes.

  • Better Flight Crew and Seats: Fifth freedom flights offer better services and have well-trained flight crew, providing superior services. Flying fifth freedom flights within Europe can get you a wide-body aircraft. The commercial viability of fifth freedom airlines, lets you travel in a bigger aircraft, have better seats and an overall amazing flight experience.
  • Better in-flight entertainment: Apart from getting bigger and newer airplanes, the in-flight entertainment systems that are installed in the fifth freedom flights are mostly excellent and better than the ones other flights provide.

Fifth Freedom Flights travel along very long routes and thus, they have to make stopovers at other destinations. However, due to cabotage, the domestic industry is protected from competing with foreign airlines. This rule prohibits a foreign aircraft originating at one country and traveling into another, from picking up foreign citizens of that foreign country and providing transportation within that foreign country. It is a law and thus, you cannot take fifth freedom flights between two domestic cities.

Are Fifth Freedom Flights Legal?

Availing services of Fifth Freedom Flights is completely legal. There are nine freedoms of the air and fifth freedom flights allow you to make huge savings on flight ticket bookings. On the way to their final destination, this right allows airlines to pick up and drop off passengers. Passengers can disembark on the free stopovers and get to see more places! You can try different airlines and avail better services and nicer airplanes traveling along fifth freedom routes.

Thus, with Fifth Freedom Flights, you get to try foreign airlines at cheaper rates and you get better Business class services at fraction of the regular cost. Even the economy flights are cheaper and more spacious. The overall service is enhanced and you can use your frequent flyer rewards points for booking these flights. That’s how to save money with fifth freedom flights. It might cost slightly more miles to book fifth freedom flights but free stopovers and better crew is what should get you excited! If you have any doubts regarding flight tickets reservations, cancellation or refund, you can feel free to give us a call on _ and we would hook you up with amazing deals and better offers, to book cheap flight tickets, making your travel budget-friendly.

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