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Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy

Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy | Explained

JetBlue airlines is as welcoming to your pets as it is to its valuable customers.

JetBlue airline is quite convenient in terms of offering the flight services to your pets along with its pet policy for the same.

Let us have a look at the JetBlue airlines pet policy:

  •  It is essential to know the height, weight and the age of your pet so as to fit the pet as per the JetBlue airlines policy. 
  • You are eligible to bring the domestic dogs, cats, birds, white rats and can also select the cabin to book thereby.
  •  Your pet should be of at least 8 weeks old and must be well groomed. 
  • There is only one pet allowed in accordance to a single customer. 
  • Your pet carrier must not exceed 17 x 12.5W and 8.5 H. However, the combined weight of the pet carrier must not exceed 20 pounds in total. 
  •  JetBlue airlines offer an amazing special cabin class for your dogs and cats relating to the route and destination the amount shall be charged thereby. 

NOTE: An advanced notice shall be required to the airline in case you wish to bring your pets on flight. 

Jetpaws Pet Program:

Jetpaws program is JetBlue airlines ultimate and exclusive program which is introduced for the passengers and their pets to provide them the tips and tool they are required for a smooth tip from the beginning to the ending.

JetBlue is much dedicated in offering the best services to its customers and clients- even if they are 4 legged!

Jetblue Airlines Refunding Policies:

JetBlue refund aims to provide you with all the different options you can choose from. The refundable and non-refundable fares offers you added facilities along with flexibility to your flight reservations and help you earn travel credits.

  •  Cancellation within 24 hours of booking 
  •  Refundable ticket policy 
  •  Non-refundable ticket policy 
  •  Mixed price policy 
  • Cancellation within 24 hours of booking:

If the reservation of ticket is done seven days or more prior to the actual date of flying, you will have 24 hours of time to cancel your reservations without even getting charged for the cancellation made.

Note: In case of change in booking, the amount is not eligible to get refunded and are simply subject to cancellation fee, irrespective of it being changed within 24 hours of the actual booking.

  • Refundable ticket policy: 

As JetBlue airlines refundable ticket policy, any refund and cancellation are permitted if done before the scheduled departure time. If not done that way, then all the money associated with the ticket shall be transferred as the travel credit and can be used for future trips for one year, from the date issued.

  • Non- refundable fare policy:

In case a cancellation is not made within the 24 hour cancellation policy or prior to the date of flying then, the amount of all the money associated with the tickets are forfeited.

  • Mixed price policy:  

We are much aware that, one part of the ticket is refundable whereas, the other part is termed as non refundable. Therefore, the refundable and cancellation policies for both are different.

How to Avail Instant Refund on Canceled Ticket?

JetBlue cancellation policy aims to offer all instant refunds on the cancellation tickets to all its valuable customers.

It understands the situation and knows it for a fact that, life is certain and any emergency can precise at any odd time of the hour.

By contacting the JetBlue airlines customer service phone number (+1800-201-4791) you can procure instant refunds on the cancellation of your tickets.

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