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Pros and Cons of Red Eye Flights

Pros and Cons of Red Eye Flights , Red Eye Flights , What should I bring on a red eye flight

Business travelers or people who have to go to work the next day cannot afford to spend a whole day in transit. They save time and money by booking late-night flights called red-eye flights. These flights mostly travel from West to East and thus, let the passengers have an extra day as they reach very early in the morning. They take red-eye flights that depart after 9 pm and reach before 6 am. These types of flights are called red-eye flights as many passengers who are unable to sleep in the plane have red eyes due to the lack of rest. There are many pros and cons of red-eye flights when used for overnight travel.

What are Red Eye Flights?

Red-eye flights are flights that take off after 9 or 10 pm, late in the night and reach their destination by 5 or 6 am, the following day. These flights depart late at night and reach early in the morning. These flights have been named so because passengers who are unable to sleep in the flight due to uncomfortable seats or other issues have red eyes due to the lack of sleep. That is why late-night or overnight flights have been termed as red-eye flights.

Pros and Cons of Red Eye Flights:

So, are red-eye flights worth it? You can book cheap flight tickets by choosing red-eye flights and get extra hours in the day. It can be beneficial for passengers who want to go to the office the next day.

The advantages of traveling by a red eye flight are:

  1. Gain extra hours in the day: Most of the red eye flights travel from west to east and due to reaching very early at around 5am in the morning, you get to go to work on that day. Had you reached in the afternoon, you would probably have missed work. Thus, you get to save those hours and get an extra day. If you can sleep in the flight, you are well-rested and ready to roll!
  • Avoid Hotel Accommodation for the Night: Since you have to reach the airport to catch your red eye flight, you do not need to pay for lodging. You can save up on some expense there. Hotel accommodation can quickly eat up your money and opting for a red eye flight can let you escape paying for your stay for the entire night.
  • Save Money:Time is money and red eye flights allow you to save both! Are red eye flights cheaper? More often than not, red eye flights cost much less to book and airfares can be half of what they are during the day time. Red-eye flights are generally cheaper and can make your journey affordable.
  • Emptier Waiting Rooms at the Airport: Airports tend to be quieter during the night due to less crowding. You do not have to sit on the floors as the waiting rooms are generally more spacious and you can wear comfortable clothing and catch up on some valuable sleep while you wait for boarding.
  • Check-in Faster: Late night flights can allow you to check-in quickly and have a smooth transit from the security checkpoint to your boarding gate. There is less number of passengers boarding a red-eye flight, meaningless crowd for you! A crowd of passengers boarding these overnight flights is not intense. This allows you to check-in much faster as passenger traffic starts to decline after 10 p.m.
  • Sleep on Vacant Seats: Due to not too many people opting for overnight flights at odd hours, the plane might not be at its full capacity. You can have a few vacant seats and less crowd, where you can spread out and sleep. You also get more legroom in the flight and as people mostly tend to sleep, you can have a pleasant flying experience and a quieter flight.
  • Get Your Luggage Quicker: If there are less number of passengers in your flight, you can get your carry-on bag much quicker from the overhead bin. Since the number of passengers are less, you also get to claim your checked-in luggage faster from the conveyor belt.
  • Avoid daytime or night time rush hour traffic: The traffic on the road is lesser at night and very early in the morning. Thus, you can travel to the airport faster and from your destination much quicker, due to less number of vehicles on the road.

However tempting as it might sound, red night flights do have some disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages or Cons of Red Eye Flights:

  1. You can Experience Jet Lag: If you cross too many time zones in such a short period of time, jet lag can set it, which can cause an imbalance in your sleep cycle. It would take you a few days to get back to normal.
  • Limited Food Joints to Choose From: If you have booked a red-eye flight, chances are that you’d find a lot of food joints closed. Thus, this would limit your options as most food joints at the airport would not be open overnight.
  • Lack of Sleep: This is the biggest disadvantage of catching a red-eye flight. Not everybody is able to fall asleep on the plane. Many people have trouble falling asleep and this can cause them to get weary. Although some people can be well-rested after a red-eye flight, a lot of people would have red eyes due to the lack of sleep and feel exhausted.

Red-eye flights are often used for travel by business personnel and travelers looking for ways to have a budget-friendly trip and not miss work the next day. They can have few disadvantages, but overall, red-eye flights offer you a lot more perks, like cheaper pricing and faster check-in. What should I bring on a red-eye flight, you ask? Well, if you wear comfortable clothing, avoid caffeine and bring red-eye flight essentials like earplugs and eye masks, you can have a pretty hassle-free journey. Booking a window sleep would also help you avoid disturbance by other passengers. Now that you have read about the pros and cons of red-eye flights, let us help you book a red-eye flight and hook you up with affordable deals and offers to make your journey cheaper. Call us on +1-800-201-4791 for any doubts related to flight ticket booking, cancellation or refund.

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