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Avoid Flight Cancellation or Change Fees

Quick Tips to Avoid Flight Cancellation or Change Fees

Change in flight is a fact in life. 

At times we tend to book a flight ticket months before flying and due to sudden change in a plan you have to cancel your flight ticket and suck up the big fat cancellation charge. But that is not true, there are all sorts of ways to save yourself from getting trapped into the big hole of cancellation charges. 

PRO TIP 1: Bank upon the 24 hour ticket cancellation rule:

The rule states that the customer is eligible to avail a full refund on the cancellation of the ticket if that is done within the first 24 hours of booking the ticket.

PRO TIP 2:Get your cancellation fee waived off:

You can get your cancellation fee waived off in certain cases and circumstances. Wherein the cases shall be such as: Death of an immediate family member or call from the military duty.

But for any of such cases that you claim to the airlines, you are required to have a valid proof of the same and thus, your cancellation fee might get waived off.

How to Change Flight Without Fee

Changing a flight can at times be inescapable, moreover, it can be a costly affair to get yourself in. But there are ways around by which you can change flight without paying any fee. 

Tip 1: Do It Within the 24 Hour Time Frame:

If you are not sure about the reservation you just made or have a change in plans all of a sudden, cancel your tickets within the 24 glorious hours that you are left with to save yourself from the trips and tricks of the cancellation charges.

Tip 2: Make the Reservations 60 Days Ahead of Time:

If you have changed your mind months before the departure date, consider to make the changes or canceling the flight at the moment itself. 

There are certain airlines with 60 days flight cancellation policy, which includes:

Jetblue: The airline only charges about half the regular flight change penalty.

Alaska: The airline lets you change your flight without charging anything. 

Tip 3:Consider to Book One Way Flight Instead of Round Trip Flights:

Booking a round trip flight enables you to change the dates on both the ends of the trip that too at a cost of single change fee, which implies more sense to book a round trip flight than a one-way flight to save yourself from paying double change flight fee.

Well, by all the tips mentioned above, it must have given you quite a clearance of “how can I change my flight without paying a fee” but in case you did not, you are more than welcome to call us at (+1800-201-4791) to have a clearance of all related query and questions.

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