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Should I Book Nested Flights for Cheap Air Travel?

Business travelers or those who want to fly smarter and cheaper use nested flights for cheap air travel. Passengers can avoid the Saturday night stay rule by booking overlapping flights and have an affordable flying experience. Nesting one flight ticket inside other and booking overlapping tickets, if you want to visit more than one destination, fly cheaper or to make a series of short trips, nesting flights can come in handy.

What are Nested Flights?

You can book two or more nested itineraries in an overlapping fashion called nesting flights. Back-to-back ticketing is one example of nesting flights, where travelers circumvent the Saturday night rule. Airlines can take actions, if they find you using this airline ploy. However, you can also take nested trips without breaking any rules. You can nest one flight inside other and travel cheaper.

You can use this travel trick and nested flights for cheap air travel to take advantage of the on-going flight ticket deals and offers. You can travel from your Home airport to Destination 1 and then from Destination 1 you can travel to your Final Destination. If there are any on going deals for travel between these locations, you can avail those. You can book nested round trip tickets between these points and take the reverse path to return back. Thus, nesting flights lets you make the most of airfare deals.

How to Nest Flights and Save Money?

Let’s suppose that you live in Des Moines. Let’s assume that you want to travel to Amsterdam. You check flight tickets and see that it costs $1300 round trip. But, flights are offering deals on round-trip travel from Chicago to Amsterdam. You know about nested ticket and decide to purchase 2 tickets round trip. You travel from Des Moines to Chicago for $200 (round-trip) and from Chicago to Amsterdam at $450 (round-trip). You reached Amsterdam at just $750 instead of $1300, round trip using nested trips. Now instead of directly going to Amsterdam, you first reach Chicago and from there take another flight to Amsterdam. Take a reverse journey to return back to your home airport through these nested itineraries.

Let’s create another hypothetical situation. We assume that you want to travel from Minneapolis to Moscow. Direct flight costs $900, round-trip. But, there is a deal on flight tickets going from Minneapolis to Budapest. So, you travel from Minneapolis to Budapest and Budapest to Moscow, by nesting flights and booking 2 tickets. The total would be $700 for these two nested roundtrip tickets. Voila! You saved on some money by booking overlapping flights.

Thus nesting flight gives you the advantage of making use of travel deals and make smart travel decisions for a cheaper travel.

Things To be Mindful Of While Making Nested Flight Bookings:

Using nested flights for cheap air travel might not always result in savings. You need to make sure that there are flight ticket deals between your destination points. Also, make sure to check that you actually pay a lower price by booking two nested itineraries. If buying one direct round trip ticket is less expensive, then nesting flights would not really help you in that scenario.

You also need to make sure that the there at least is 5 hours of layover time between your nested trips. Take proper care that you book your flights in such a way that you do not have an overnight stay at the intermediate destinations. Hotels and traveling can easily exhaust your money if you are staying overnight sat intermediate locations in the course of your travel.

Disadvantages of Nested Flights:

Although nested ticket can help you save up on that much needed cash, it can also bring troubles for you. Rain, snow or other disruptions can cause any one of your nested return flight tickets to get canceled and thus you might have to wait to travel home. In the event of an airline canceling any one leg of your ticket you might find it problematic to find another flight if you urgently have to be back home. Thus, it is recommended that you plan nested round trip tickets properly.

Nesting flights can be a little complicated but once you get the hang of it, you can save hundreds of dollars on your flight ticket reservations. Airlines might not be liking you using nested flights for cheap air travel. However, if you mix up airlines and don’t do this too often, the chances of anything going wrong is extremely rare. Find some good flight tickets at amazing deals and offers by calling us on +1-800-201-4791 and allowing us to solve all your queries regarding bookings, refund or cancellation.

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