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spirit airlines baggage fees 2020

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020 | Explained

Known to be the most prominent air carriers amongst all the airlines present in the aviation industry, Spirit airlines has set its benchmark as an ultra low cost carrier serving more than sixty destinations worldwide. Keeping the base fare exceptionally low, you will be able to find cheap and affordable flights in Spirit airlines.

Spirit airlines is highly recommended, popular and highly preferred in the States Of America, Latin America and Caribbean. However with the passage of time, Spirit airlines has also upgraded its charges for checked bags, carry on bags which shall depend upon the route you are traveling by and such other factors.

We assure you to proffer the best of our efforts by accommodating all the necessary points relating to spirit airlines baggage fees 2020.

Points to bear in mind about baggage fees spirit 2020: 

  • You are eligible to bring one personal item for free whose cost shall be included in the base fare.
  • In any due case, if the bag you are carrying is larger than one personal item thus, spirit airlines baggage fees shall be applied.
  • You can add all your checked in and carry on bags while making a reservation in spirit airlines.
  • The fee which shall be charged, depends upon the size, weight and the route you are traveling by.

There are certain weight and size limitations along with the restrictions for the same, whereas it is recommended to keep in mind the items which are allowed to be taken as a carry on and all the ones which are not. Spirit airlines baggage rules makes sure to mention all these bullet points for the ease and comfort of all Spirit airlines worthy passengers and customers.

Are there no charges to for checked bags in Spirit airlines?

  • Spirit airlines aim to keep the base fare low, thus you would be required to pay for bringing in the checked bags.
  • The charges shall be variable which depends upon the time and route you are traveling by.
  • You can take the advantage of Spirit airlines baggage calculator for an estimation of the prices. 
  • The maximum dimensions of a checked baggage shall be 62 liner inches (a standard industrial limit for most of the airlines)

The length, width, height and dimension shall be calculated and measured encompassing the handles and the wheels of the bag. 

  • You shall only be allowed to carry a maximum weight of 40 lbs as your checked bag.
  • Bags which exceed the dimension of 80 liner inches will not be eligible to checked in by Spirit airlines and therefore you will not be able to carry the bag on board.
  • The fees/overcharge charged for exceeding the baggage allowance for every inch and pound shall be:

‣ 41lbs – 50lbs : $30 

‣ 51lbs – 70lbs : $55

‣ 71lbs – 100lbs : $100 

  • You will be eligible to carry maximum 80 liner inches with you, but in any due case the bag exceeds the recommended dimension of 62 liner inches you will have to pay an amount of $100 for the same.
  • Spirit airlines always recommends to book your reservations in advance to avail bookings at lower rates, by which you will be easily able to add more items to your itinerary, later.
  • Hoverboards or electric skateboards are restricted on Spirit airlines. 
  • If you are bringing in a scuba gear it will also be charged as a standard checked bag (should be in proper dimensions).
  •  The sharp objects should be wrapped securely as per Spirit airlines baggage fees and policy 2020 revised or else they might be rejected to be taken in flight.
  •  You can also have a detailed knowledge about all the prohibited items under spirit airlines baggage rules via

Spirit airlines official website or Spirit airlines customer service number (+1800-201-4791)

What is Spirit airlines check bag fee?

  • The spirit airlines baggage fee for 1st bag shall range between $21 to $65, which solely depends upon the way you choose to add your checked in baggage to your:

• booking before online check in

• after online check in 

• during your booking

• at reservation gate/desk. 

The baggage fee shall also depend upon your membership / subscription with the Spirit airlines (Prices would be quite cheaper if you are a $9 Fare Club Member.

  • Depending upon the factors mentioned above, the fee for the second bag can range up to $31 to $60. Gate check in will not be allowed if you will be bringing a second checked in bag, in addition to the first one.
  • spirit airlines baggage cost for third up to fifth bag can easily cost you around $76 to $100 to get the additional baggage checked in.

What is spirit airlines carry on allowances?

  • Spirit airline allows you to bring one small personal item without charging any fee as the fee is added in the base fare for the same. Any addition made to the personal items or larger carry-ons shall incur a fee.
  • Spirit airlines is a bit restriction bounded in terms of its carry on allowances where:

➼dimension for a small article shall not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches (including the handles and wheel of the bag)

➼ If the dimensions of the bag exceeds 18 x 14 x 8 inches then you will have to bear a standard carryon baggage overcharge fee.

  • The recommended dimensions for spirit airlines carry-on baggage should not exceed 22 x 18 x 10 inches.
  • According to spirit airlines carry on liquids rule, Quart sized liquid bags are allowed as a carryon and have to be kept in containers that are less than or equal to 3.4 ounces.
  • Breast pump or baby formula can be bought on board which shall not be counted under your carry on allowance. It is recommended to inform the TSA officer about the baby pump or breast pump you are carrying along at the time of security check.
  • Make use of the sizer boxes available at the airport for confirming the accurate bag dimensions to save yourself from extra baggage overcharge fee. 

What is Spirit airlines fees for carry on bags:

Make use of the spirit airlines baggage calculator to know the baggage fees depending upon the route and the time of purchase.

The estimates for Spirit baggage fees are:

  • A standard carry on bag fee shall cost you around $35 to $49.56. If you are a Spirit airlines $9 Fare Club Member, a carry on would be charged ranging between $26 to $47.20 as a carry on baggage fee.
  • The prices may tend to be a little steep in case you are not sure and wish to book a carry-on bag via visiting the airport reservation desk, the amount you may have to pay shall vary $65 to $76.70. 
  • Even if you manage to get your carryon bags till gate, and wish to get the carry on added in the itinerary at the gate, then you shall have to shall out an amount of $65 to $76.20 for the same.

What are all the baggage restrictions levied by Spirit airlines?

  • Spirit airlines follows a strict baggage policy, whereby if the luggage exceeds the maximum dimension, you would have to pay for each extra inch and pound, if you opt to travel via Spirit airlines.
  • If you plan to travel between first December and January ten, the, there are certain bag restrictions on all international destinations where you are only allowed one checked bag for which the maximum dimension shall be 230 centimeters (80 liner inches) whereas the maximum weight Spirit airlines allows would be 70lbs. While any bag over and above these limits, shall not be permitted by the airline.

 Make use of the credit cards to avoid baggage fees on spirit airlines:

Save more via making payment using you earned miles and points for adding checked in and carry on bags in your bookings. By doing this, you will be able to save yourself from making a hole in your pockets by avoiding hefty baggage fees and overcharges Spirit airlines charge for overweight baggage. 

Some of the credit card which can easily be used to avoid paying the additional surcharges are:

Capital one venture rewards credit card: 

If you own a Capital One Venture Reward Credit Card and have spent $3000 within the time span of initial three months, you will be getting a bonus of 50,000 miles worth $500.

Here, the mile welcome bonus would help you pay the baggage fees without you having to pay the actual cash but instead the miles.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Cards:

Enrolling with this credit card you will be able to get a welcome bonus worth $200 in the form of 20000 miles. To avail the bonus of the same, you shall have to spend $1000 within the initial three months and you may use it for paying the baggage fees. The miles shall be deducted instead of paying actual cash, and you can easily pay for your travel purchases.

What are all the Elite exemptions and expulsions offered by spirit airlines?

If you are serving as an active duty military personnel, spirit airlines offers some exceptional perks and waivers by helping and permitting you get 2 checked in bags and one carry on bag along with one personal item for free with your reservation.

You should surely opt to choose Spirit airline if you are an active military personnel to avail all related baggage benefits and perks.

How to make a prepayment for baggage allowed on spirit airlines?

You can avail the option of prepaying for your baggage via making a booking in spirit airlines. You can use the Spirit airlines mobile application or contact Spirit airlines customer service phone number for making a prepayment for the same.

Follow the easy steps mentioned below to make a prepayment for your luggage:

Step number one: Log into Spirit airlines official website 

Step number two: Click on “My Trips” tab while logging into your itinerary. 

Step number three: Click on “Add bags” (if you are making a pre payment 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight whereas, you can use “online check in” tab if you are making a payment in less than 24 hours before departure)

Note: – You can also choose to pre pay for Spirit airlines baggage by downloading spirit airlines mobile application on your phone.

➼ You can reach out to Spirit airlines executives via Spirit airlines customer service number (+1800-201-4791) who would guide you throughout the process of pre paying for your luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is it allowed to carry smart bags with lithium Ion batteries on spirit airlines?

No, spirit airlines would not allow you to take along smart bags as a carry on bag in case the bags have lithium Ion batteries attached with them. Considering the safety measures, it is neither accepted as a carry on nor a check in bag.

Is it mandatory to pre pay the extra baggage fee for any oversize, overweight bags to bring on Spirit airlines?

Taking into account the spirit airlines baggage allowance, the airlines follow a simple and easy to understand baggage policy, that if in any due case the size or weight of your luggage exceeds the entitled dimensions, you will therefore have to bear an extra charge for the same.

• If your bags are overweight, which means if they exceed the limit of 41lbs and 50 lbs, you can expect to pay $35 as an overweight baggage fee.

• If the limit of your bag exceeds 51 to 70 pounds you shall be entitled to bear a charge of $60

• If the limit of your bag is more than 71lbs to 100lbs you can easily expect to pay an over baggage fee of $100

• As per the spirit airlines baggage weight if the bag you are carrying, exceeds the allowed standard dimensions mentioned on Spirit airlines official website then you shall be entitled to bear an oversize baggage fee. Get ready to pay $100 if your bag is oversize and lies between 63 and 80 linear inches. Over that, for special items that exceed even 80 linear inches dimension, you would be paying $150.

Can I take a backpack for free on Spirit airlines?

Yes, you can take a backpack for free while traveling via Spirit airlines, for which the dimension shall not exceed the 18 x 14 x 8 inches. If the backpack you are carrying exceeds the allowed standard limit it will be considered as a carry on bag with a maximum size allowance of 22 x 18 x 10 inches.

Are there any special perks offered to Military personnel in spirit airlines?

Yes, Spirit airlines offers two checked bags and a carry on along with one personal item for free of cost.

The airlines baggage policy can raise various queries in your brains relating to its allowance, gauge and baggage overcharges. However, Spirit airlines baggage policy is quite simple and easily understandable and w have attempted to simplify the process furthermore for all our worthy customers.

We made sure to cover most of the major and important points concerned with Spirit airlines baggage fees and policies 2020.

To make your work easier and offer unforgettable memories by traveling with Spirit airlines, we offer the cheapest and lowest base fares and other additional services. You can place a call at (+1800-201-4791) to get in touch with our dedicated staff you are present to help you round the clock, to help you find the cheapest flight tickets and bombastic discounts on all airfares along with best deals and offers.

Our experts will assist you tackle all your doubts, queries and concerns relating to spirit airlines reservations, cancellation., refund and every question popping in your mind.

We wish to make your travel extremely affordable and simply unforgettable. 

  • Does Spirit airlines offer cheap airline tickets?

Yes, spirit airlines is one of the lowest airline, offering cheap airfares in whole aviation industry.

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