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Delta Airlines Bereavement Policy

What All Is There in Delta Airlines Bereavement Policy

Booking a flight ticket in the wake of an emergency or due to death of a loved one is oftentimes done in a haze of grief.

The airlines present in the skies are now, more caring by offering grieving family members discounted airfares on urgent travel to a funeral or a hospice beside. Delta airlines thereby proves to be one ray of a hope which brightens an otherwise dark situation.

Experiencing a loss is bad enough. So the stress and expense of arranging travel due to the passing of a loved one is certainly something you could do without. Do airlines give discounts for bereavement flights?

Sadly, not all airlines offer discounts to relatives and close friends who are traveling due to the loss of a loved one or a family emergency.

Whereas Delta airlines is one such airline which understands the fragile and unfortunate scenario and offers bereavement fares to the passengers of the family. Delta offers special discounted bereavement fares to those traveling to a funeral to mourn the death. Thus, helps you to book a last minute emergency flight ticket within your pocket size.

Delta airlines prevailing Bereavement fare policy:

Do not expect a specified fine printed percentage while looking for Delta bereavement fares. In fact, not even the Delta airlines official website includes or specifies any defined numerals for offering the discount but instead it written as “additional flexibility on the best published fare when last-minute travel is required.”

This perhaps means that some service charges/fees shall be waived off from the actual prevailing price of the ticket. There is no specifies explanation provided to qualify the explanation of “Last- Minute travel”

And as per the prevailing delta bereavement policy, flexible prices may not be available for every operating flights.

What is the eligibility paradigm for availing delta bereavement fare discount:

In the event of an immediate family member is when the delta bereavement discount is applicable. The immediate family member shall encompass: 

• Parent

• Spouse (Husband/Wife)

• Grandparent

• Grandchild

• Aunt/Uncle

• Niece/Nephew

• presiding over services

• Sibling (Brother/Sister)

• Child (Son/Daughter)

• Domestic Partner

Only the mentioned members of the family are eligible to avail special discounts on airfares for domestic or International travel, as same shall be followed via Delta airlines official website

 As per bereavement fares delta, the travel duration shall be within the 7 days of an imminent death of a family member. No minimum or maximum days of staying are entitled by delta bereavement policy.

Delta airlines bereavement fares are only for Delta airlines SkyMiles members:

Make sure to bear in mind that bereavement flights are only offered to the SkyMiles members, while Delta airlines offers you an option to enroll yourself immediately in the SkyMiles program which is the reward currency program which enables you to avail special perks and delta bereavement fares.

Are Delta airlines bereavement fares only applicable and available for a specific family member?

While Delta airline is quite vague about the amount the amount of discount they offer for bereavement flights, they are quite clear and precise about when will the passenger be able to procure a discounted airfare.

The above mentioned list of relatives shall help you get through to seek delta bereavement discount.

How to procure delta bereavement fare discount?

To avail the perks and fantastic facilities offered via Delta airlines, you shall first have to subscribe to the SkyMiles program. Once you have you have determined that you shall have to travel to mourn the death of a family member or attend the funeral, you must place a call at Delta airlines Reservations number (+1800-201-4791).

Note: You shall not be able to purchase the delta bereavement flights either Delta airlines app or Delta airlines official application, you will have to place a call at Delta airlines reservations number to get delta bereavement.

What are the documents required to procure delta bereavement fare discount?

While looking for a bereavement flight tickets and talking to Delta airlines representative you may be asked to provide the following details which encompasses:

• Deceased person’s name

• Customer’s relationship with the deceased

• Name and phone number of funeral home, hospital, or hospice

• Name of doctor (if applicable)

Does bereavement travel discount includes children and infants?

Delta airlines understand that you will be required to travel with your children along while going to a funeral of a close family member.

Thus, keeping that in mind, Delta airlines includes specified instructions for infants and children in their bereavement policy.

The ticket for your child might cost you the same amount as your ticket costs you, until and unless the prices of the prevailing flight tickets for children are lower. You shall be allowed to bring one infant (under the age of 2) with no additional charges.

In case you are also carrying your second infant, you must have a seat purchased.

The children are required to be accompanied with an adult on all the flights, to qualify for the delta bereavement fares.

Pro tip: make sure to check the regular flight fares before booking a bereavement flight ticket. There could a possibility that the regular flight fares offered by the airline are lower than that of bereavement fares.

Delta airlines offers pliability through which you have the liberty of changing the schedule of your Delta return ticket. The airlines would waive off the service charges and you shall have to pay the difference in fare!

What is the policy followed by Delta airlines for the case: Death of previously ticketed customer?

In case, a previously ticked customer expires or any of the immediate family member passes away, Delta airlines generously offers a full refund to all such customers. The airlines also offers a full refund to other customers traveling along.

All you need to do is to provide the airline a death certificate to avail the refunds by placing a call at delta airlines customer service number (+1800-201-4791)

What airlines offer bereavement travel discount?

There are certain airlines present in the aviation industry which offers bereavement airfares and travel discounts, namely some of them are:

• Air Canada 

•  Lufthansa 

• West Jet 

Need some advice on the ways to avail bereavement fares?

Fret not! We have got tons of advice’s which will help you get bereavement airfares at the fairest prices. Delta airlines offers amazingly discounted bereavement airfares in such scenarios to help you book last minute flights to mourn the death of a closed one.

If you have any further queries for related to how to book a bereavement flight or delta bereavement policy, feel free to get in touch with us to avail assistance for the same via (+1800-201-4791)

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