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Aeromexico Surfboard fees

What Is Aeromexico Surfboard Fees 2020 And Baggage Policy?

One of the most popular mainline carriers of Mexico, Aeromexico is known for flying passengers across global destinations like Canada, Chile, Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Germany. The airlines has headquarters at Torre MAPFRE in Mexico city. Apart from an exclusive fleet of aircraft featuring planes like Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737 MAX 9 and Boeing 787-9, Aeromexico has a very attractive baggage policy for helping passengers bring checked luggage and carryons with them to their vacation. In this article, we would discuss about Aeromexico Surfboard fees 2020 and take a look into their baggage fees.

What Is Aeromexico Baggage Fees And Policy 2020?

If we talk about bringing carryons, then on Aeromexico, passengers are permitted to bring one small personal item with them for free. They can also bring a standard carryon when they book their flights without any charges, as this is included in the base fare.

Checked bags for submission at the airport depends on the type of ticket you purchase. If you are traveling With Aeromexico airlines and have chosen Clase Premier, you would be allowed to bring 2 checked bags with you to the airport. However, 3 checked bags are allowed for Clase Premier passengers when they make reservations for traveling between Mexico and Asia. In general, main cabin passengers are allowed to bring 1 checked luggage with them. This has been extended to 2 pieces of checked bags for travel between Mexico and Asia. But, there is no baggage allowance for main cabin travelers looking to travel between Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Understanding the Aeromexico baggage policy is important if you want to get a clear idea about bringing sporting equipment with you like windsurf gear or surfboards. Aeromexico Surfboard Fees is determined based on these baggage policies.

Clase Premier and Main Cabin, both have baggage size and weight restriction. Your bag should not go beyond 50 pounds or 23 kg if you are traveling in the Main cabin. If you have booked Clase Premier fares, then 70 pounds is the maximum weight that you can fill in your checked bags. None of your checked bags should exceed 62 linear inches in dimension. If it does, then you would have to pay applicable charges and oversized as well as overweight baggage fees.

What Should I Know About Flying With Surfboards On Aeromexico?

There is a variable fee for sporting gear like a surfboard or other windsurfing equipment. Usually, you would have to pay applicable charged for bringing large items like a surfboard with you. If you are planning to take a surfboard with you to the airport, ensure that you have dialed the customer helpline number and confirmed if they have allowances for surfboards or not. There can be a limit to the number of surfboards you can take with you and restrictions on the size of the board as well as the applicable Aeromexico surfboard fee.

There are certain precautions that you should take when flying with a surfboard on Aeromexico. It is suggested that you use covers on the tail and nose so that when your boards are handled by the airlines during the check-in process, they stay fresh and not damaged. To protect your board, you should pad its rails and carry them in a firm boardbag. You would generally have to bear the oversized baggage fee when checking your surfboards on Aeromexico, as they count as large items. Put the FRAGILE tag on your surfing equipment or label them as TOP LOAD ONLY, so that they stay undamaged when handled at the airport.

How Much Does It Cost To Bring A Surfboard On Aeromexico?

So, does Aeromexico accept surfboards? The answer is yes, they do. However, for international flights, a one-way charge of $150 would apply to your booking. If you are taking a flight within Mexico, then you would simply have to pay around $75 for bringing surfboards for checkin. These are Aeromexico Surfboard fees and charges for domestic and foreign travel. When you fly with a surfboard, you can get it bubble wrapped so that it stays safe during transit.

There is also a length and weight limitation on your boards, as per the baggage policy of Aeromexico. The maximum length of your surfboard should not exceed 204 centimeters. This is for narrow-body cabins. If you are flying on a wide-body cabin, then you would be allowed surfboards sized 294 centimeters or 115 inches. This length includes your surfboard bag or case that you are carrying your surfboard in.

There are no exceptions when you are traveling with surfing equipment on AM/AMC flights. Your boards would be transported to the destination. However, on these routes, you would only be allowed to carry a maximum surfboard weight of around 100 pounds of 45 kg. You can carry around 3 boards in one case and Aeromexico Surfboard fees would be applied per case that you would be traveling with.

What Is Aeromexico Surfing Equipment Length Allowance By Aircraft Type?

When Aeromexico measures your surfboards, they take into account the case that comes with it. So, on narrow body aircraft like E-145, E-175, B 737-700/800, E-170 and E-190, a maximum board length of 80 inches would be permitted. However, 115 inches of length can be carried on wide-body aircraft like B-787, B-767-200/300, and the B-777. Aeromexico also allows passengers to travel with windsurfing equipment, snowboards, scuba diving equipment, fishing equipment and skis and have a different set of rules and regulations in place.

Can AeroMexico Surfboard Charges Increase During Peak Seasons?

During peak seasons, when there is a lot of rush like the holidays, the special baggage fees might increase. If your surfboard is small and does not exceed the checked baggage size restriction, then you can submit is as checked luggage and would not have to pay any additional charges. The rates for traveling with a surfboard and special equipment might increase as seasonal price increases do apply to Aeromexico for excess and special bags. On International flights, your equipment like tennis equipment and surfing gear would be subject to taxes. This would be calculated based on the country from where these allowances were purchased. When we say that a fee of $75 or $150 would apply for your surfing equipment, then we mean that this price is calculated each way.

How Can I Pre-Pay For My Surfboard or Other Bags?

If you want to prepay for your baggage, then you would have to visit the Manage Your Trips page on Aeromexico’s official website. On this page, you would have to enter your e-ticket number or PNR and also fill in your last name. Click on FIND YOUR RESERVATION. Doing this would take you to your flight itinerary and from there you would be allowed to pay Aeromexico Surfboard fees and add bags or request for special services. You can also log-in to your club premier account by entering your account number and password on the same page. If you are not sure how you can pay for additional bags, sporting gear, surf boards, then you can contact Aeromexico phone number and talk to their reservations helpdesk staff.
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