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Air Canada Rouge pet travel

What is air Canada rouge pet travel policy?

Serving destinations in Mexico, United States, Central, and South America as well as the Caribbean and Europe, Air Canada Rouge has Airbus A321-200, Boeing 767-300ER, Airbus A320-200, and Airbus A319-100 as a part of its premium fleet. This budget airline is a subsidiary of Air Canada and offers flights that are operated by Air Canada Rouge, rouge meaning “red.” In this article, we discuss traveling with pets in Air Canada Rouge/Air Canada Express and their pet reservation guidelines as well as in-cabin pet regulations. If you want to know more about Air Canada Rouge pet travel policy, then you are at the perfect stop!

What is air Canada rouge in-flight pet travel policy?

A small cat or dog would be allowed on Air Canada Rouge plane. However, it should not be a very large animal and should be able to move around and lie under the seat in front of yours. Your pet should be small enough to stand in the cabin. Traveling by your Pet on Air Canada Rouge is not complicated. You would be allowed only one pet on board and it would be counted as one carry on item. For bringing extra bags or luggage, you would have to purchase an additional carry-on allowance.

Bringing your small furry friend in a soft-sided carrier is suggested for keeping them safe. The weight of your pet and carrier, when accounted together, should not exceed 22 lbs in weight. Hard-sided carriers would also be allowed on Air Canada Rouge but it should not go beyond the maximum dimension of 9*15*21.5 inches, when height, width, and length are considered, respectively. These are the International Air Canada Rouge Pet Policies for In-Cabin Travel.

For soft-sided pet carriers, Air Canada Rouge would allow 10.5*15.5*21.5 inches of soft-sided carrier size in their flights. However, if you are traveling in B777-200 or have boarded B777 30ER aircraft, only 8.25*15*17 inches of a carrier would be permitted in the cabin.

When flying with your dog in Air Canada Rouge cabin, 11*8*16 inches of carriers in Signature or Business Class cabins are allowed and you should keep in mind that it is a leak-proof article that allows enough room to keep the animal well ventilated.

What is the in-cabin pet travel fee on rouge flights of Air Canada?

On flights operated by Air Canada Rouge, for flights traveling within Canada or those flying to or from U.S. And Canada, $50 USD charges would be applicable for bringing pets in flight. This is in accordance with Air Canada Rouge flying with pets policy. $100 USD/CAD would have to be borne by the passenger for taking their pet on an International flight with Air Canada Rouge.

Are there restrictions on bringing pets on air Canada rouge?

If you are traveling on an Air Canada Rouge flight, then you should know that you would only be allowed to bring one pet animal with you on the flight. However, for unaccompanied minors or those traveling in premium economy, bringing in-cabin pets are not allowed. For passengers seated in a bulkhead row or those carrying medical equipment to be kept under the seat, traveling with pets in the flight would not be allowed. If you carefully read Air Canada Rouge pet travel guidelines, you would see that passengers traveling to Hawaii would not be allowed to bring pets in the cabin. As per the pet travel rules and regulations, Air Canada Rouge passengers sitting in an exit row would not be allowed to bring pets onboard either.

Is there any minimum pet age requirement on air Canada rouge?

If your cat or dog is under the age of 12 weeks, Air Canada Rouge might not permit them to travel with you in flight and would not accept it as a checked bag. Cats or dogs on Air Canada Rouge planes should be greater than 12 weeks of age.

You would also have to dial Air Canada Rouge reservations helpdesk for more assistance in regards to registering your pet prior to your flight. This registration is compulsory and for this, you would have to provide the customer support executive with necessary information like the dimensions of the carrier and the breed of your cat/dog or another pet animal. This process should be initiated within 24 hours of your reservation.

As per Air Canada Rouge Airline Pet Policy, if in any case, the airline fails to provide accommodation to your pet animal on their flight, you would receive a full refund. When upgrading your seat, making amendments to your itinerary or reservation, you would have to call Air Canada Rouge client service team for making modifications to the booking of your pet animal as well. Air Canada Rouge recommends passengers to take an additional 30 minutes in hand apart from their check-in time for getting their pets checked in. Online check-in would not be available for those traveling with pet animals on Rouge.

What is air Canada rouge emotional support animal policy in 2020?

If you are traveling on Rouge flights operated by Air Canada, then you would be allowed to take your service animal with yourself. Ensure that it is a certified animal and has been trained professionally for helping those with disabilities. They should be harnessed and Air Canada Rouge would allow them in flight, free of charge. As per the Air Canada Rouge Dog Travel policy, dogs are the only animals that would be allowed on Rouge flights that operate on domestic routes as emotional or psychiatric support to the traveler.

Service Animals on Air Canada Rouge are allowed free of cost. However, you should make sure that you have all the necessary documents to authenticate your harnessed service pet.

Can I board air Canada codeshare flights with my pet?

Air Canada has a codeshare agreement with numerous airlines like Air India, Air China, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and many others. However, you would not be allowed to travel with your pet on such codeshare Air Canada Rouge flights. These are airlines that are operated by other carriers but sold on Air Canada’s official website. You would have to abide by the pet carriage policy of the airline that you are traveling with for codeshare airlines pet travel.

What is air Canada rouge international pet travel policy?

Take an Air Canada Rouge flight and travel to international destinations with your pets. Pet shipping on Air Canada Rouge is completely legal and allowed, but there are some places where you have to comply with their policies regarding the entry of pet animals from another country. You should read all the rules carefully or call the airlines toll free number for information. Necessary documentation should be produced by you as required by the destination country and for this, you would get in touch with the consulate of the country of arrival.

What is air Canada pet travel policy in the baggage compartment?

You can bring pets with you to your destination as checked bags. However, Air Canada Rouge only allows 2 of them even when you carry them in a single well-ventilated kennel. In the baggage compartment, you can bring a strong breed of dogs and not those with snub nose or short noses. Air Canada Rouge Pet Travel Policy recommends that pets should be taken in a crate that has enough strength and is specially reinforced. 

The carrier that you bring with you to the airport should not leak and should not be collapsible. Carriers that are hard-sided are only allowed for traveling with pets in the baggage compartment. 2 dogs, each weighing a maximum of 14 kg would be allowed as checked luggage. For an Air Canada Rouge approved pet carrier, you should ensure that they do not have wheels attached to them and that they are a secure one with enough space for the pet to stand or lie and move around without issues. The maximum dimensions of your hard-sided kennel should be 115 inches, including length, height, and width of the carrier. There are also weight restrictions as your kennel cannot weigh beyond 100 lbs including the weight of your pet. If your kennel has wheels, it is recommended that you remove them before getting them checked.

If you are bringing restraint devices for your pet, they cannot be gate checked and would be accepted as checked luggage as per Air Canada Rouge pet travel policy. They can be brought as carryon in flight and if you want pet strollers or car seats to be checked in, that is also permitted.

What has checked bag fees for air Canada rouge pet travel?

Pay $105 USD/CAD each way for Rouge flights flying between Canada and the United States and for those within Canada. These charges are higher for International Air Canada Rouge flights and are $270 CAD/USD per side. The charges are applicable as per Air Canada Rouge flying with pets policy.

What are embargo period restrictions for rouge pet travel?

If the temperatures are greater than 85°F, then your pet animal would not be accepted in the baggage compartment as per Air Canada Rouge pet travel policy. If your pet animal weight less than 10 pounds, then if temperatures remain below 32 °F your pet animal would not be accepted in the baggage compartment of the Air Canada Rouge airplane. This is also applicable for the period between 1st November and 31st March. During this duration, the transportation of pets in the checked compartment is not allowed because temperatures might go as low as 2 degrees Celsius in the cargo cabin.

For Air Canada Rouge flights, pet travel is now allowed between September 14 and January 14 for flights flying to or from Montreal and Mexico City. From December 15 to January 12, Air Canada flights won’t be allowing baggage compartment travel for pets. 

What are some examples of banned pets on air Canada rouge?

Is Air Canada Rouge a Pet-Friendly Airline? Yes! However, dangerous or offensive pets would not be allowed by Air Canada Rouge or those that are not healthy or banned by the destination country. The crates keeping pets should be made of synthetic materials and not plastic. Wood or metal spacious kennels would also be allowed. Banned breeds of dogs include Chow Chow, Chinese Pug, Bulldog, and many others. Burmese Cats and Himalayan cats are some banned breeds of cats. Other banned breeds are Wolf Dog Hybrids, Caucasian Ovcharka and such other snub-nosed animals.

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