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Why is cheaper than other flight booking websites?

Looking or cheap flight deals and search the best routes can be quite a hassle. OTA travel can also be confusing sometimes as you might not be able to choose from the plethora of options available. Therefore, websites like have now emerged as one of the most preferred sites for buying flight tickets at affordable rates. They have attractive offers on their websites that are lure travelers looking for low-cost flight tickets. But, why is cheaper than other ticketing sites? In this article, we have tried to list out the advantages and cons of booking through Kiwi.

What is used for?

Kiwi is a flight search website that can make your travel cheaper. It often offers the best deals and has amazing tools for finding promos online. Why is cheaper? Because it usually shows bare-bones pricing on flight tickets. The best part about Kiwi is that they offer protection from delays and cancellations as there can be situations when your flight might get canceled or delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. It even offers to protect you from schedule changes of flights.

What is the guarantee facility that kiwi offers?

If your flight suffers an unexpected delay or cancellation, then would offer you tickets on another flight at a different time to your location. If you don’t want that, then they can refund the value of your flight ticket to the original mode of payment. Another advantage of using is that they offer transportation to another airport while providing accommodation if flight delays are of more than 8 hours from the scheduled time of departure. In case the delay lasts more than 4 hours, then you would be offers free food and drinks.

Is there any referral program running on kiwi?

As per the referral program of, you can even earn up to €5,000 in credits. You just need to refer any of your acquaintances or friends to make flight bookings via Kiwi and you would earn Kiwi credits of around €20. You can use their email address to send invites. The only condition is that they need to make €200 worth of flight reservations for you to get the monetary value as credits in your Kiwi account. If you have referred to enough friends, you would be able to get around the globe at huge savings.

Are there restrictions on food and transport reimbursement?

With around 35,000 seats sold per day, Kiwi makes many airfare hacks available to bookers. If you are looking for one way to travel from one place to another, Kiwi can look for itineraries that can take you to your destination at cheaper prices. So, why is cheaper than other flight ticketing websites? They would show you all the connecting flight routes that you can try and even offer insurance in case you miss your connecting flight. For this connection insurance, they might price their tickets a little higher.

Is cheaper than CheapOair? Cheapoair can get you affordable airplane tickets too, but you might not get the transportation and food reimbursement for delays and cancellations like you would on Kiwi. The only thing with the Kiwi guarantee is that your transportation would be restricted to around $111 for every booking and your free food for delays would be limited to about $11. It would not be applicable if your flight got delayed or canceled due to political events or other extraordinary situations. Kiwi guarantee isn’t applicable if your flight got delayed due to security risks. There might be cancellations and delays even when all appropriate measures might have been taken and Kiwi is not responsible for such affairs.

You can use the Kiwi mobile application as this app can help you book multicity flights and it is super easy to change your currency and radius of flight search. You also get a customer support facility that you can contact for getting all your doubts or issues regarding Kiwi cleared.

Can I book combined tickets on multiple airlines with

Is Kiwi always cheaper? It might not be. You can use other websites to get an idea about the pricing from your departure to arrival airport. You can get a price comparison on the cheaper destinations and dates to take a flight. In the end, you can decide upon the website or app you would like to make your ultimate reservation from. You can use the circle feature to increase or decrease your Kiwi search radius.

On Kiwi, you also have the liberty to fly anywhere. You just need to click on the search button without entering anything and you would get some inspiration about the places you can visit without breaking the bank. They also offered combined tickets on many airlines. So, if mixing and matching different airlines makes your travel cheaper, then Kiwi would show you such flexible tickets with just a few clicks. These combinations are made from over 750 air and ground carriers. Why is it that Kiwi offers such cheap flights? This is why!

Does offer flexible flight tickets?

If you want to know which airport would be the cheapest to fly into for entering a country, then Kiwi’s search by country or region functionality is perfect for that. You can search for flight tickets for a certain date range and duration. Is it cheaper to book flights from for future travels? Yes! For example, tickets for travel between February 20 to 25 to San Francisco can be searched for. This can make your flight search easier and simpler. Another example of this flexible feature is a flight search for flying between May and June. You would be shown the cheapest dates and days for your itinerary. 

Finally, you can turn on airfare alerts on Kiwi for keeping updated when the price of your flight ticket falls down. Pop-up notifications on your mobile application are also another added advantage. If you have signed up for their email newsletter, then you would be sent deals and discounts from time to time.

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We hope this article tried to answer your query regarding why is cheaper than other websites. Booking flight e-tickets online can get you perplexed. However, when you call us on our customer support number, you would not only find the cheapest flight tickets but also get access to numerous promos and coupons that we can apply to your booking. Apart from lucrative deals, our team of experts also assist customers with all their queries regarding flight ticket booking, cancellation, and refunds. We work round the clock to provide you opulent travel experience. If you want to try our premium services and use our secure payments gateway, you can call us on our magic number 1800-201-4791.

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